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Tour Red Line-Adjacent Part Two of Civic Center's Grand Park

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels; last photo via Grand Park website

On Tuesday, the County held a grand opening part two for Grand Park part two, the Community Terrace section, which sits in the middle of the park, between Hill and Broadway. The first piece, with the enormous Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain, opened in July. The most notable thing about the Terrace (especially on the September 11 opening day) is the Flag Garden--the set of historic flags was there before, but has now been reoriented north-to-south "to increase their visibility as travelers drive or walk along Hill Street or Broadway," according to a release. This section has its own Red Line entrance too, which is getting a brand new canopy on Hill, as you can see in these photos. The Community Terrace also features the same Barbie pink moveable furniture and brightly colored signage, as well as plantings from around the world, all designed by Rios Clementi Hale. The last piece of the park, the section closest to City Hall, will open in October and include a small dog park and "massive event lawn." All finished, the Grand Park will be 12 acres and stretch from Grand to Spring. It was paid for by developer Related Cos. as part of its as-yet-unrealized Grand Avenue megadevelopment.
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