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LAX's Sepulveda Tunnel to Get Cleaner, Less Terrifying

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Westside City Councilman Bill Rosendahl announced a $3.5 million project today that will illuminate the dark and scary Sepulveda Tunnel to LAX with energy-efficient LED lights. The intention is to provide a safer trip for those accessing the six-lane tunnel--which travels under the airport's south runway and was built in the early '50s to accommodate LAX's westward expansion--by allowing drivers to more clearly see the lanes. The money for the bright lights is coming from gas taxes, with work beginning next month and wrapping in late June (don't worry, it will mostly be night construction). Rosendahl also worked with Los Angeles World Airports (LAX's operator), Bureau of Sanitation, Bureau of Street Services, and Caltrans to develop a plan for regular upkeep of the tunnel. A maintenance schedule is currently being worked out where various agencies will take care of monthly sweepings and quarterly power-washings.
· Rosendahl Annnounces Start to Long Awaited $3.5M Sepulveda Tunnel LED Lights Project[The Ones]

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