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Aleks Istanbullu-Designed Double Penthouse in the Toy Factory

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Someone has done some very swank things with two penthouse units on the seventh floor of the Toy Factory Lofts in the Arts District. And now they're selling the undulating two-bedroom, two-bathroom, designed by Aleks Istanbullu--it comes with "high ceilings, sandblasted sculptured cement support columns, refurbished industrial steel framed windows, polished concrete flooring," plus "easy access to the pool, roof top gardens and 'chill' space areas" and three, count 'em, on-site parking spaces. Asking price is $1.699 million.
· 1855 Industrial Street Unit 712 Los Angeles, CA [Estately]
· Toy Factory Penthouse Level Loft [deasy/penner]

Toy Factory Lofts

1855 Industrial St, Los Angeles, CA