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1925 Grand Dame Fixer in Altadena Asking $1.399 Million

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Ok, this place is definitely haunted by, like, the ghost of an eastern admiral's daughter who was forbidden to marry her orange grower lover (or something)--what we're saying is it's both very grand and down on its luck. The six-bedroom, six-bathroom house was built in 1925 and comes with a dual staircase, formal dining room (with working in-floor service bell!), a butler's pantry, a basement, a covered porch, a pool with brick fireplace, and a three-car garage with two-bedroom chauffeur's apartment. It also has a sprawling front lawn, about which the listing comically notes: "today color is brown, photo has been altered." Asking price is $1.399 million.
· 1301 Rubio Street [Dilbeck]