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Pedestrian Unfriendliness on La Brea, Old LA Maps at Art Walk

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FAIRFAX: Developer/planner Mott Smith tweeted this rather disturbing photo of the Graffiti Cafe on La Brea near Second and writes: "Graffiti cafe on La Brea. Instead of an entrance on the street, there's just a fence. Walk in from the parking lot." Man, really guys? Just as this area's getting a little pedestrian-friendly? [Twitter]

DOWNTOWN: Something for the geography and map geeks in the crowd at this week's Downtown Art Walk--DTLA booster Josh Gray-Emmer is going to be opening up his private LA map collection at the El Dorado Lofts. The collection includes "a VERY RARE hand colored 1913 Biast Atlas Map of The Historic Core, a 1847 Map made for The President to assess the Mexican Forces advancing on Pueblo De Los Angeles, and a 1910 Security Bank of LA downtown walking map. Some maps will be for sale." Sounds pretty awesome. [Facebook]