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Don't Forget to Tip Your Editors--Here's How to Do It

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It's fall, believe it or not (don't turn off the air conditioning to test this, just trust us), so what better time to say thanks to the beloved tipsters who regularly send in listings, gossip, rants, and questions to the Curbed LA tipline? Thanks, guys!

Everyone else: what are you waiting for? Know about a ridiculous neighbor dispute brewing on your block? A deal on a listing from an underrated architect? Middle-of-the-night demolition? Illegal anti-Mitt Romney neon yard signs? Anything, anything at all, having to do with Angelyne? Let us know! Send it all to the tipline at Photos are encouraged. Anonymity is, of course, guaranteed.

And, while we're talking, please do follow Curbed LA on Facebook and Twitter; photographers should check out the flickr photo pool. Lastly, there's the Curbed LA newsletter, delivering the top stories to your inbox every evening (sign up below). However you do it, thanks for tagging along!

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