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Salton Sea Rotten Egg Smell Got All the Way to Simi Valley

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Well, here we are in the dystopian future, where it's 100 degrees for weeks on end and everything smells like rotting eggs. The odor was first sniffed on Sunday and early Monday and it's being blamed on the dying Salton Sea--reports say it's drifted as far as Ventura County. Ventura County! The Daily News reports that "On one online map, readers reported the smell as far as Simi Valley to the west, Temecula to the south and close to Lancaster to the north." What exactly is it? The interim general manager of the Salton Sea Authoriy says it's probably caused by gases that "built up from decayed bacteria after a recent fish die-off." The executive officer of the South Coast Air Quality Management District admitted in a press release that "it's unusual for odors to remain so strong 150 or more miles from their source, but thunderstorms around the Salton Sea and high winds from the southeast apparently pushed air toward Los Angeles."
· Rotten-egg smell overtakes San Fernando Valley, rest of L.A. County [LADN]