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Mr. Blackwell's House Sells, Death Star 7-Eleven is a Go

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HANCOCK PARK: The estate of the late fashion critic Mr. Blackwell (famed for his Worst Dressed List) has finally sold after more than a year on the market. The vacuum-skidmarked four-bedroom was first listed in June 2011 asking $2 million; it just closed escrow for $1.8 million. [Redfin]

CULVER CITY: The controversial Death Star 7-Eleven at Sepulveda and Braddock Drive is a go. An informant who was at last night's meeting (which ran way late) tells us: "After three hours of testimony and discussion, stretching the City Council meeting until just short of 1 AM, the Council voted 4 to 1 to deny the appeal of several neighbors, thereby approving the Death Star 7-Eleven. The Council thought the 7-Eleven, which would occupy a gas station site that has been vacant for the past 14 years, was the best and only use willing to invest and revitalize that site. At one point when one of the Councilmen asked the appealing neighbors what they would like to see on the site and how they would like to see the project improved the 15 or so neighbors in attendance started squabbling among themselves about what the best use would be and how the 7-Eleven project could be improved. The developer hopes to start construction on the project soon." [Curbed Inbox]