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SaMo's Big Bike Share Program Will Have Rental Stations in LA

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The effort to bring short-term bicycle rentals to Santa Monica just got a major boost with a $500,000 grant from the South Coast Air Quality Management District, bringing the project's total budget to $2.8 million. The infusion of cash will allow the bike share to open 35 bike stations with 350 bikes, whereas the earlier plan called for 25 stations and 250 bikes, the Santa Monica Patch reports. The best part is that five of those stations will be outside of SaMo and, likely, within LA. Gina Goodhill of Global Green, a nonprofit that helped the city apply for the half million grant, says it hasn't yet been determined where those five stations will be, but the Westside Cities Council of Governments (representing Bev Hills, WeHo, LA, Culver City, SaMo, and the County) is working to identify locations; they've been considering a big intercity bike plan anyway. A Santa Monica Bike Action Plan from last year proposed stations at Brentwood Country Mart, hospitals, and shopping districts. The Beverly Hills tourism district and the Culver City Expo Line station also seem like naturals for when the project opens in 2013.
· Extra $500K Given to Santa Monica for it Bike Share Program [SM Patch]