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Holy Cow, There's Still an NFL Stadium Plan Moving in Carson

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The city is getting ready to rubber stamp the Downtown NFL stadium and possible team chatter is starting to rev up to fever pitch, but whoa, slow down there, everybody. There's another NFL stadium proposal in town. Nope, not the Majestic Realty-developed plan in Industry; this one is Bev Hills developer Richard Rand's plan for Carson. Yeah, that thing is still around! The Carson City Council voted last week to allow Rand "to negotiate with the NFL on behalf of Carson, but the city won't contribute any money to the effort," reports the Daily Breeze. Rand wants to build "a sports entertainment complex that includes retail stores" on a 91-acre, "environmentally contaminated rectangular lot in the city's northwest corner"; he currently owns only 12 acres of the plot (ok, seriously, is this just the same article from 2008?). Right now, he says "he is investing in design plans" (despite once promising those would be ready in 2010) and has submitted an application to the NFL. Carson's general manager says "His strategy is to stay under the radar." He adds "The city is not going to spend any money on it. Mr. Rand has been very persistent."
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