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Brad Grey Razed Frank Sinatra's Holmby Hills House and is Still Asking $20 Million For the Land

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First photo is new; the rest are from the old, be-housed listing

Now this is chutzpah! You buy Frank Sinatra's old family house in Holmby Hills, have a wedding there, put it back on the market, relist it as a teardown for $20 million, then say screw it and tear it down yourself, and then continue to use Sinatra to market the house! Brad Grey, now we know how you have ascended to the highest ranks of showbusiness (he's head of Paramount, FYI). A press release from listing agents Westside Estate Agency starts by playing coy today: "Located in a park-like setting at 320 N. Carolwood, the property's 2.15 acres are flat and entirely usable for new construction. They offer enormous design potential to a new owner." And finally a few paragraphs down: "The property ... is the former site of a seven-bedroom home once owned by Frank Sinatra. Since the house's outdated design – low ceilings and small bedrooms – and poor placement on the property failed to convey the land's true potential, the property was razed and returned to its pristine condition." Meanwhile, the $19.995 million asking price is the same as it was back in March, when it included a handsome, celebrity-affiliated house.
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