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Will Culver City Kill Futuristic 7-Eleven on Sepulveda?

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Tonight, the Culver City Council takes up an appeal of the planning commission's prior approval of a sleek 7-Eleven (hey, those things aren't necessarily mutually exclusive) planned for the corner of Sepulveda and Braddock Drive. How'd this place get so Death Star-looking? According to the agenda report for tonight, "The Planning Commission determined that it was necessary to avoid the standard company store design and encouraged the Project architect to produce a more modern architectural style, unique to the 7-Eleven franchise and the neighborhood. The building facade incorporates varied building materials including an aluminum screen mesh that accentuates the building form."

In May, the commission said the convenience store, which would be 2,500 square feet and offer 12 parking spots, will not present significant impacts to the environment based on California Environmental Quality Act guidelines. Some locals feel differently and have appealed the approval, citing traffic concerns and worries over robberies. The Culver City Patch reports that some neighbors don't want yet another 7-Eleven in town--some folks just don't care for the chain, believing it invites solicitors and ne'er-do-wells (read the comments on this story regarding a 7-Eleven opening in DTLA). However, the bottomed-out gas station currently at the 7-Eleven site isn't doing Culver City any favors either. Stay tuned.
· City Council 7-Eleven Public Hearing Tonight [Culver City Patch]