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Modern With a Twist Home Tours, Multifamily Buying Spree

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SANTA MONICA/INGLEWOOD: This fall, the AIA/LA is opening up a few classic pieces of LA architecture that have been renovated by contemporary architects (one a month through December)--they're starting with the John Entenza House on September 23 and the Inglewood Duplex on October 7. According to the AIA, "With this new tour series -- The Modernist / ContemporaryTour -- we strive to explore the architecture that put Los Angeles on the map from the 1930's to the 1960's." The Entenza House was originally designed by Harwell Hamilton Harris and updated by Michael Folonis; Inglewood was originally Rudolph Schindler's and renovated by Steven Ehrlich. Get your tickets (only $25/$35) here. [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD/WEST HOLLYWOOD: Three apartment buildings have switched hands in Hollywood and West Hollywood--Cresta Properties recently picked up the 20-unit 1627 North Poinsettia Place, the 32-unit 4456 Lockwood Avenue (by LA Community College), and the eight-unit 1210 North Formosa Avenue (in WeHo). Cresta paid a total of $6.8 million and the firm is on a buying spree--it picked up buildings in Koreatown and WeHo earlier this year and is working on buying four more buildings right now. It now owns more than 700 units, mostly in Downtown, Hollywood, and West Hollywood. [Curbed Inbox]