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WeHo's El Mirador Saved: City Agrees to Condo/Inn Conversion

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Looks like the West Hollywood City Council was not prepared to call El Mirador owner Jerome Nash's bluff, or maybe his threat to tear down his historic apartment building was not an idle threat. The West Hollywood Patch reports that the council reversed a previous decision that denied the El Mirador owner's request to convert the 73 year old beauty into either an "urban inn" or condos (mostly because the council didn't think there was enough parking). Nash will now work with the city attorney to finalize the inn and/or condo plan, which could include both concepts. Nash bought the El Mirador, named a cultural resource in 1992, a decade ago and ran into problems five years later when glass fell out of a fourth floor window. Years of back and forth related to replacing or repairing the window ensued, with Nash allegedly getting so annoyed he wanted out of the rental business--he finally utilized the Ellis Act and evicted his tenants. At Monday's meeting, Nash said he would never use the Ellis Act again if Councilmember John Heilman, absent at the meeting, resigned. Nash held Heilman and Mayor Pro Tem Abbe Land especially responsible for complications with the El Mirador. "This building and the destruction of the building is on your neck," he told the mayor, who was the lone vote against the conversion approval.
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El Mirador Apartments

1302 North Sweetzer Avenue, West Hollywood, California