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Cute 'n' Quirky 1929 Spanish in North Hollywood Asking $389k

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We can't say we don't have any quibbles about this 1920s Spanish-style house a little west of Cahuenga in North Hollywood. For starters, we're not crazy about the kitchen, or some of the lighting. And the house's ceilings seem like they might be a bit low. However, these gripes are definitely mitigated by the numerous charming details of the three-bedroom residence, such as its wood-beam ceiling, French windows, vintage tile baths, separate music studio (large enough, evidently, for the world's loooooongest piano), two fireplaces, and mature trees. Last but not least, how 'bout that adorable gate? Last sold in 1988 for $255,000, the 1,700 square foot house is now listed at $389,000.
· 5652 WILLOWCREST Ave [Redfin]