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Giraffe Fight in the Arts District, Federal Courthouse Hurdle

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ARTS DISTRICT: View From a Loft notices that there is now some sort of girafffe-related duel going on at an empty lot on Alameda between Fourth Street and Fourth Place, thanks to the mad papier-mâchérs who made sunbathers for Broadway and a surfer for the LA River. [View From a Loft]

DOWNTOWN: Speaking of that dirt lot at First and Broadway, the one slated for a federal courthouse, Central Valley Congressman Jeff Denham is still doing his best to keep it weedy. The General Services Administration announced in January that it planned to start work on the long-delayed project, but Congress still hasn't released the money, and now Denham, the guy who's been trying to stop this thing for years, has scheduled a hearing on the project (as the chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings and Emergency Management)--the hearing is, comically, called "LA Courthouse: GSA’s Plan To Spend $400 million To Create Vacant Space." It's scheduled for August 17 at the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building. [The Source]

Federal Courthouse

First & Broadway, Los Angeles, CA