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Here Are LA's Public Pools Set to Stay Open After This Weekend

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The National Weather Service predicts that temperatures this week in Downtown Los Angeles will reach twelve billion degrees, so it seems like a good time to shut down 47 public pools, yes? The Daily News reports: "Most of the city's public pools will close Monday under a move to save money timed to the start of the Los Angeles Unified School District calendar on Aug. 14." These are seasonal pools (here's a list), but their shutdown seems to be coming particularly early this year (and some year-round pools have become season due to budget cuts). The problem is that the department can't afford to staff all those pools later than mid-August, having laid off 100 people in the past three years and handed out furloughs to others. Predictably, it's an unpopular move and now the Department of Recreation and Parks is looking for a workaround to keep the pools open through Labor Day. At a City Council committee meeting yesterday, Councilmember Tom LaBonge "suggested an emergency motion to keep the pools open," but really it doesn't sound like anyone knows where the money will come from. So go ahead and check out the list of year-round pools, which will stay open past even the last October heatwave (yeah, many of them are indoors, unfortunately):

There's also Curbed's list of the awesomest and douchiest pools around town, both public and private. The Standard pool would never turn its back on you in mid-August (unless you're not dressed cool enough).
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