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Badass Boyd Georgi Mid-Century in Upland Asking $788k

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Indoor-outdoor bathrooms? Giant, elaborate fireplaces? A curved-walled library? We're going to need the smelling salts. The 1965 James West Residence, designed by Boyd Georgi, goes so balls out, we think it would be petty to complain about the current flooring choices (but seriously, lose the carpet). Here's the listing: "The Wrightian hexagonal floorplan pinwheels around a very large central courtyard which incorporates a full sized hemispherical swimming/diving pool set off by palm trees ... The glass walled interiors incorporate sophisticated acoustical sound engineering, sweeping terrazzo flooring, fine wood paneling, built-ins and a fireplace." The West also has three bedrooms, three and a quarter bathrooms, an atrium with waterfall wall, a pool/bar room, and a three-car garage. It last sold in 2000 for $625,000; today it's asking $788,000. Oh, one last thing: it's in Upland.
· James West Residence, 1965 [Crosby Doe Associates]