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Union Station Master Plan Timeline, LA's First Fast EV Charger

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DOWNTOWN: Today, Cal Hollis, the executive officer of Metro's Countywide Planning and Development Department talked Union Station redevelopment with the crew at CREW-LA. Just a couple weeks ago, Metro officially inked the deal with the team of Gruen and Grimshaw to develop a master plan for the station and the approximately 40 acres around it. Hollis says the first 30 days of the contract are dedicated to creating a community outreach plan and that the first six months will go toward data collection and analysis (figuring out what actually needs to go into the plan). After that, the team will create several draft alternative plans before finally arriving at a final preferred plan. We'll start to see transportation changes (but probably not development ones) even before a plan is released. Meanwhile, KPCC has a little more on Metro's goals and challenges (high-speed rail accommodation!) [Curbed Staff]

ARTS DISTRICT: Today the city was set to get its first ever fast electric car charger, "which can charge a Nissan Leaf and other EVs in roughly 30 minutes." The charger is set up by 10 regular EV chargers in an Arts District parking lot near the Biscuit Company and Toy Factory Lofts. [Curbed Inbox]

Union Station

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