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Will AEG Nab Convention Center For South Park Domination?

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Are you looking forward to our Robocop-style future, when LA Live owner AEG controls all of Los Angeles's major assets ("please board the gondola for your trip up to AEG's Hollywood Sign")? The City Administrative Officer has just released a report suggesting that the city privatize management of the Convention Center and "launch a competitive search so that a private firm could be in place starting July 1," reports the LA Times. Competitive search notwithstanding, AEG "has expressed interest in recent years in running the convention center," and already has a plan in the works to build an NFL stadium next door--a project that includes the rebuilding of one of the Convention Center halls (and then they also run Staples and LA Live, so that pretty much covers the whole area).

The CAO says privatizing the Convention Center "could save the city from $14 million to $37 million over a five-year period" and could elevate LA out of a league in which its biggest competition is Sacramento. He's hoping a new manager can bring in more overnight conventions (meaning hotel room bookings--and there's a new double Marriott being built nearby). The city is already considering privatizing operations at many other sites, including the LA Zoo. Image via Wikipedia
· Top L.A. official calls for private firm to run convention center [LAT]