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1940 Raphael Soriano Below the Hollywood Bowl With Soriano-Approved Rental Unit

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Known as the Abram Koosis House, this boxy hillside residence south of the Hollywood Bowl was designed by Raphael Soriano in 1940. According to the invaluable Triangle Modernist Houses, the home's alterations include "a concrete garage cut into the sloping site at the lower street level," and a "stylistically similar two-story guest unit added by architects Gordon Bird and William Rietkerk in the 1960's [with] Soriano's blessing." Per the listing, the property's main house features two bedrooms, one and three-quarter baths, French doors, built-ins, slate floors, a fireplace, and the aforementioned two-car garage, while the one-bedroom, one-bath guest unit "has a rental history between $1,600-$2,000/month." Last sold in 2006 for $1.15 million, the 2,374 square foot house is now asking $1.199 million.
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