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Westwood Lazarus Watch: Luxury Movie Palace Opening 2013

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It's hard to tell which way Westwood is heading. Some people claim, with the dozens of shuttered storefronts, that #Westwoodisdying, while many view the recent opening of one of the nation's first CityTargets as signs of the neighborhood's renewal. The latter argument is now bolstered by news that the former Avco mutliplex on Wilshire will be transformed into a luxury six-screen theater, complete with a full-service restaurant and bar, according to the Westwood-Century City Patch. The new theater will be called the iPic (reminds us of afros and kids digging in their noses, but ok) and run by a Florida-based company. For between $12 and $14, patrons can sit in cushy seats, while those paying in the $24 to $28 range can get chairs that recline and "ninja-like" waiter service straight to their supine asses. Steve Sann, president of the Westwood Community Council, heralded the new iPic, which is set to open at the beginning of 2013.