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You Can Be Half a Billboard, Larchmont Small Lots Site For Sale

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Our always-hardworking Curbed photographer Elizabeth Daniels spotted this half-finished supergraphic on the Strip--it's for Boardwalk Empire and by now probably says "You can't be half a gangster," but this version raises a lot more interesting ontological questions, we think. [Curbed Staff]

LARCHMONT: Everything is going according to plan at that Paramount-adjacent lot at Melrose and Gramercy, which the current owners picked up from the bank back in March. They've now received entitlements to build a 49 unit project under the city's Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance (which allows multiple small detached houses on a single lot) and have put the project up for sale as promised. The property is currently home to some parking lots and commercial buildings, which will all be razed pre-delivery, according to the listing. [Curbed Inbox]