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Paul Trousdale's Former Condo in Palm Springs

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Taking a cue from our New York brothers, we'll be featuring a fun weekend getaway home each Sunday.

Location: Palm Springs, North End
Price: $329,999 (HOA Dues $450/month)
Size: 1,024 sq. ft., 2 BD, 1.75 BA

This charming little condo was suggested by a Curbed reader. Thank you! For less than $400k this condo not only has a private pool, but it also comes with a pedigree. Per the listing: "A Jewel in a Hidden Oasis, this unique Mid Century Villa was designed by Wm. Cody and built and lived in by Paul Trousdale as his own personal residence. This is the ONLY villa out of 37 in the historic Racquet Club Gardens with a private pool and four secluded patios nestled alongside a stream that runs through the heart of the Garden Villas." We'll bring the sangria if you buy the house and host the party. We may never leave.
· 360 West Cabrillo Rd #113, Palm Springs, CA 92262 [Redfin]