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Mad Men Costume Designer Sells '20s Compound in Silver Lake

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Damn, Janie Bryant's got a magic touch--she designs the widely-beloved costumes for Mad Men (and has worked on Deadwood and a couple of early Noah Baumbach films we happen to be fond of) and now she's just sold her Silver Lake compound for way over asking. The property includes a two-bedroom, one and three-quarter bath main house ("w/ a large, direct access room perched on top, that is all windows & views") and a one-bedroom, one-bathroom with a deck (the city's zoning website says they were built in 1923 and 1931, although we're not sure which is which), plus a backyard with mature trees and a fountain. Bryant bought the property in 2002 from Princess Tatiana von Furstenberg (daughter of designer Diane) and we hear a rumor that it was originally built by pioneering/racist filmmaker DW Griffith as a vacation home. We also hear that the interest in the property (as it is for so many income properties in this area) was absolutely bananas. Listed in July at $699,000, escrow closed a couple weeks ago with a sale price of $775,000.
· 2430/2432 Hidalgo Ave [New School Agents]