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Anais Nin's Old Nomland-Designed Complex in Silver Lake

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Well, the listing photos leave quite a bit to the imagination, but this multi-family complex is supposedly the work of Case Study House architect Kemper Nomland Jr., who (often along with his father) designed some pretty interesting mid-century modern houses around town. This 1952 building just south of the Silver Lake Reservoir has three one-bedroom loft units, "each with hardwood floors, fully applianced kitchens, fireplace, balcony space, and soaring 20 foot ceilings," and comes with a separate three-bedroom, three-bathroom house "that showcases Nomland's design," whatever that means (please show us what it means, listing!). On top of all that, a couple of sources say Anais Nin lived here or at least in a Nomland-designed building on the lot (it's kind of hard to keep track).

Here's the Silver Lake Architecture website: "In an April 25, 2012 interview [builder Bill] Jadiker, now 93 years young, offered the following recollection, " ... Kemper Nomland, Jr designed 1732 Silverlake Blvd, and Bill Jadiker built it circa 1951. There was a big sign "Jadiker Plumbing" – Jadiker’s plumbing business was there from 1953 to 1969. After that residence the building to the south, the office building and a duplex on top of that. Back in the same lot Jadiker built a 4 unit that Nomland, Jr designed. Anais Nin lived in one of the 4 units. This was around 1957. Jadiker built another Nomland, Jr building a three more unit in front of 1732 Silverlake Blvd in the late 60’s." Asking price for the apartments and house is $1.399 million.
· 1732-1734 SILVER LAKE Blvd [Redfin]