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Early 70s Modern in Los Feliz Hills Designed by Amir Farr

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Here's a rather intriguing new addition to the market: per the listing, the steel, concrete, glass and brick structure was designed in 1972 by architect Amir Farr, who collaborated with Brasilia architect Oscar Niemeyer on the design of Santa Monica's landmark Strick House. Sited on a .6 acre lot abutting Griffith Park, the modernist property features five bedrooms, five baths, tile floors, a wood-burning fireplace, a bar, and "a recessed arcade overlooking an expansive plaza and pool with views of the park, city and ocean." Alas, as of this writing, its photo gallery consists of a measly two pictures. Last sold in 1996 for a bargain-basement $565,000, it's now asking a hefty $4.095 million.
· 2291 N HOBART Blvd [Redfin]