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Gore Vidal on LA: It's Waiting to Be Invented

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Los Angeles magazine has more on dearly-departed literary lion Gore Vidal, his home in Outpost Estates, and his relationship with LA. Vidal had an Italian residence that he adored, but in 2003 moved back to the OE Spanish Colonial, purchased in '77 but often sublet, so his partner, Howard Auster, could be closer to US doctors. The LA house was restored last year in anticipation of being sold, but taken off the market as Vidal's health deteriorated. Vidal would escape the construction noise by sleeping on the house's first floor or spending an evening at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Of LA, he would say, "Of all cities, the one where you can most think yourself into somewhere else is LA. It’s waiting to be invented. It’s to be made up.”
· Gore Vidal's LA Story [Los Angeles]]