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Angelyne and Billy Dee Williams Billboards on Beverly Are Probably Just Liberace's Set Dressing

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FAIRFAX: Remember how Angelyne is back with a new billboard on Beverly near Gardner? Well, maybe all those t-shirt sales aren't paying off quite as well as we thought they were--another new billboard on the block features Billy Dee Williams with a can of Colt 45, and HBO's period Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra (directed by Steven Soderbergh) happened to be shooting on the block this week. We asked a crew member if the billboards are for the movie and he just said "No" and walked away really quickly, so we'll have to wait until it comes out to get a confirmation on that. Meanwhile, a tipster tipped us off that Liberace actually lived for many years in the penthouse of the building across the street (check it out below), which is now mostly office space. [Curbed Staff/Curbed Inbox]