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Here's the $46k Bill That Got Lohan Banned From the Chateau

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We cannot believe it took this long, but Lindsay Lohan has finally gotten herself banned from the Chateau Marmont, her home away from home (she moved out of an actual home in Venice back in February). The Chateau is not an easy place to get banned from--its website actually proudly quotes Columbia Pictures founder Harry Cohn: "If you must get in trouble, do it at the Chateau Marmont"--but it has been done before (notably, by Britney Spears). Resourceful TMZ has gotten its hands on the eviction notice, signed on July 31 by General Manager Philip Pavel, who writes that, starting on May 30, Lohan had racked up a bill for $46,350.04. She was asked to kindly get her shit out of Suite 33 by noon on August 1 and Pavel nicely "adjusted off the daily $75 charge for computer rental for use of the hotel's laptop as a gesture of good faith, with the understanding that you will return the computer upon your departure tomorrow." The letter also noted that Lohan was not welcome at the hotel or its restaurant until the bill was paid. Check out that bill below, which includes $686 in cigarettes ($14 a pack! Walk down to the corner, Linds.), a Chateau candle for $100, and two $40 iPhone chargers. Update: An eagle-eyed tipster points out that Lohan has been reading Architectural Digest, or at least paying the Chateau for it.

Lindsay Lohan Chateau Marmont bill
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