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No One Saying Who Covered Up UCLA-Adjacent USC Billboard

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USC recently put up a billboard showing Trojans quarterback Matt Barkley and the phrase "We Play to Finish" (with the "LA" in "play" in a different color)--it's part of the school's widespread "WE PLAY" marketing campaign, according to the LA Times. Who cares? UCLA does, because the billboard is at the corner of Westwood Boulevard and Lindbrook Drive, in Westwood Village, meaning practically on UCLA's campus. Nasty! The Times's sports section reported the story on Monday and by Tuesday the billboard was covered in a black shroud. A marketing director for USC's athletic department said "You have certain locations you can choose that are favorable and have high visibility, and we chose the ones that would work best for us at the time based on what was available." A rep for the department added that "It's not a board to taunt." Both USC and UCLA say that they were not involved in the billboard covering. Meanwhile, a Bruins football player said of the billboard on Monday "We need to change that. Oh, we need to change that."
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