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Work Has Started on Santa Monica's New Pico Library

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Renderings via Koning Eizenberg's Facebook page

After the state shuttered redevelopment agencies, Santa Monica was smart enough to set aside a contingency plan allowing it to move ahead with a handful of projects, including the long-planned Pico Library on the east end of the city. Construction on the Koning Eizenberg-designed project began earlier this month--it'll consist of two buildings, a 7,872 square foot library and an 818 square foot community room, connected by a breezeway in Virginia Avenue Park. The $10.8 million library has been in the works since 1983 and, as of late, became a big deal to city officials, the Santa Monica Mirror reports. "This is one of the most important priorities in this City," Mayor Richard Bloom told a crowd assembled at the groundbreaking. "This library should be complete by fall 2013."
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