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WeHo's New Theme Song, Brentwood Art Center Closure

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: West Hollywood has selected its new theme song--expect to hear Kristy Hanson's "Welcome Me Home" blowing up KROQ this fall. The West Hollywood Marketing and Visitors Bureau held a contest this summer to find a new original song for the city; Hanson's won out over four other finalists' in a public vote. "Welcome Me Home" officially debuts at On the Rox on September 12, where Hanson will also perform a 40 minute set (meanwhile, she's working on both a solo EP and one with her indie rock side project East Paris). [Curbed Inbox]

SANTA MONICA: Anyone know what's up with the closure of the Brentwood Art Center, which has operated at 26th and Montana for four decades? A tipster forwards on an email from the center, saying "a change in the current zoning was initiated where the BAC has conducted its business for 41 years. This process has had an unforeseen negative impact on the BAC and has dealt a final blow from which the BAC will not be able to recover ? despite our best efforts to negotiate a solution for the BAC to be able to continue, it is indeed with a very heavy heart that we regret to inform you that the BAC has no choice but to shut its doors permanently as of August 31, 2012." It seems pretty unlikely that Santa Monica would straight up zone out an arts center for kids, so what happened here? [Curbed Inbox]