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Skate Video Memorializes Old Mojave Water Park's Urban Ruins

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Skater Kilian Martin and filmmaker Brett Novak aren't the first people to make a skate video at the old Lake Dolores/Rock-a-Hoola Waterpark out in Newberry Springs (Rob Dyrdek skated there for his MTV show Rob & Big), but their video, via Eric Spiegelman, is so awesome because it also manages to eulogize the urban ruins. Lake Dolores Waterpark existed in one form another from the 1960s through 2004; it was originally built by businessman Bob Byers for his family, to accompany his manmade Lake Dolores (and boy does it sound like it was dangerous!). Since it closed in 2004, a lot of the park has been dismantled and vandalized. What's so awesome about this video is that it stitches together killer skating footage with film from when the waterslides were still full of water and people. As Spiegelman writes, "This place where people once gathered to enjoy life is now abandoned and rotting in the desert sun. One skater takes it upon himself to bring the uplifting spirit of pleasant diversion to its rightful home, and he does so with greater skill than most people possess."

· Kilian Martin: Altered Route [YouTube]