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Republican's 14 Foot Neon Yard Sign Calls Mitt Romney a Racist

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Deep in the Conejo Valley, Steven Showers has put up a very tall neon sign in his front yard that flashes "Romney's Racist Heart Dotcom. Save the GOP." Showers tells the Ventura County Star that he is Republican and Christian and that, upon Mitt Romney's apparent nomination for the presidency, he "was stunned to find out that the Mormon religion is a white supremacist, anti-black, racist ideology." He launched the Romneys Racist Heart website (which warns that "You Are About to Read About the Most Gigantic Fraud Ever Perpetrated Upon the GOP in U.S. Political History") and spent most of August designing and building the 120-pound billboard, which required a crane to mount.

The sign itself is ten feet tall and sits on a four-foot concrete foundation. The lights went on on Thursday and the first complaint came into Ventura County on Friday (Showers says he didn't check to see whether the sign might be violating any codes). According to the LA Times, "On Friday, a Ventura County code inspector dropped by and left a notice that the monument was a violation of zoning laws."

Meanwhile, you can buy your own smaller version for just $800. And a rep for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints points out to the Star that the religion let black people join the priesthood starting in 1978.
· Newbury Park man builds anti-Romney display in front yard [VC Star]