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Expo Line Phase II's First Station Starts to Take Form at Palms

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Speaking of fancy rail stations, the elevated Palms stop on the Expo Line light rail will apparently look quite nice. Work is moving fast on the 6.6-mile extension to Santa Monica, and, when Expo II opens in three or four years, Palms will be the first station after the current Culver City terminus (in case you're wondering, Expo Phase II has a different contractor than the late-as-hell Phase I). Workers started restriping traffic lanes and setting up temporary K-rail barriers today in order to build a new bridge next to the station, at National and Palms, The Source reports. Hardcore work on the bridge begins next Monday and will take a year. The old one-track Motor Avenue bridge near this station was recently taken down to build a new modern overpass that can accommodate two trains. And to the east, near Culver City, workers are moving around underground utilities in anticipation of building a large bridge over Venice Boulevard. Expect a lot of rubberneckers for that one. Images via Gokhan Esirgen

· Expo Line phase 2 construction update: National/Palms bridge [The Source]