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Middle Schoolers Make a Scale Model of 6 Blocks of Broadway

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DOWNTOWN: Middle school students at the Bresee Foundation summer camp have created a scale model of six blocks of Broadway and the whole thing is installed temporarily right now at the Blackstone Building at Ninth and Broadway (the project was inspired by the LA Conservancy's "Kids Guide to Broadway"). Bresee's Blanca Orellana writes: "The Bresee Broadway Model Project was a main part of the summer camp combining elements of sustainable art, math, science, mapping and social studies ... We divided six blocks of Broadway into eight sections to accommodate our eight teams of middle school students, with some teams tackling both sides of the street and others only one side of the street. The teams first took a tour of Broadway and spent time photographing and mapping their assigned blocks. Back at the summer camp, the teams worked on the project over a three-week period (nine hours per team). At the end, all the blocks were assembled which was the first time the campers could see what they had been working on completed: the entire Broadway historic district recreated from recycled materials." Man, doesn't it just warm your cynical hearts to see kids getting into urban planning and preservation? [Curbed Inbox]

BroadwayPrj from Bresee Media on Vimeo.