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LAFD Thinking About Changing LA's Stubby Skyline Code

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LA's stubby skyline could finally start to get interesting--a new working group has started discussing what it'll take to change the city's 1974 fire code, which requires all high-rises to have helipads, and which is largely blamed for our kind of "meh" skyline. The Architect's Newspaper reports that the LAFD was already working on an update to its dated code when Councilmember Jose Huizar, who reps Downtown, asked that they look at the helipad requirement; in response, the department formed a working group made up of "officials from the Fire Department and the Department of Building and Safety, local architects, and public safety consultants"; they've met several times already. A/N points out that the LAFD has invested a lot of money in its helicopter equipment and training, so it's might be unwilling to scrap the helipad requirement altogether, but there are other options. The new Red Building at the Pacific Design Center was the first building to be exempted from the county's helipad requirement, because it comes with pressurized elevators, refuge areas, and other more modern fire safety measures.
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