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Here Are LA's First Four Parklets, Poised For Final Approval

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LA's first four parklets (baby parks made from parking spaces) have been making their way through the final approvals process this week and are set to go before the City Council tomorrow. Two of the parklets under consideration are Downtown on Spring Street (joining the under-construction Spring Street Park to finally bring some green space to the Historic Core), one is on Huntington Drive in El Sereno, and one is on York Boulevard in Highland Park. This is a pilot project, so if the parklets work out, it could "lead to future pedestrian projects throughout the City where parking spaces can be turned into public plazas and other uses," according to a release from Councilmember Jose Huizar's office. The Downtown parks were originally conceived by the DTLA Neighborhood Council, and got funding from UCLA; the other two parks were designed by community members. Parklets are taking progressive planning cities by storm--Long Beach has a handful and San Francisco has dozens already.
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