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Buy the Cheech & Chong House With Cannons in Highland Park

First image via Google Street View

A tipster has alerted us to this cool but very rundown foreclosure in Highland Park, "right by a Gold Line station." And it gets better: the house appeared in Cheech & Chong's gold standard 1978 stoner flickr Up in Smoke, as the house belonging to Cheech's Vietnam vet cousin Strawberry (played by Tom Skerritt). As our tipster says: "June Fairchild snorted Ajax there in her last movie role before ending up on skid row [link], there was a party that the cops broke up, there was a flashback plagued motorcyle ride and crash that occurred on the street outside. Not to mention that it had statues on the roof and cannons coming out of a turret for many years after it's big screen debut, which only added to the neighborhood's pride in the place." Unfortunately, whoever was foreclosed on (last November, according to Redfin) appears to have taken some statues and wrought iron doves, but our tipster is "almost certain the cannon remains aimed at the intersection of Figueroa and Pasadena Ave." That could come in handy! The 1906, two-story house comes with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, a laundry room, a fish pond, a patio, and a back house with a bathroom. Asking price is $344,900.

· 112 East AVENUE 38 [Redfin]