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Here Are 18 Super Closeup Photographs of the Hollywood Sign

Photos by Ted VanCleave

Who knows how photographer Ted VanCleave got this close to the Hollywood Sign (sounds like it was all legal and allowed), but it let him take some pretty unusual portraits of the way over-photographed sign--check out the corrugation on the letters and the maintenance ladders stretching up the metal girders. The series of 18 photos is called Behind the Hollywood Sign and in a press release VanCleave says it "allows you to see Los Angeles from the perspective of the Hollywood Sign, from the top of Mt Lee, 1,800 ft high staring down on the sprawling flatlands of Los Angeles, from downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean." VanCleave, who lived below the sign in Beachwood Canyon for seven years, is now Kickstartering to raise funds to show the work here in LA (he previously showed Hollywood Sign photos at the Art Institute of California -- Hollywood gallery in 2010).
· Behind the Hollywood Sign [Ted VanCleave]
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