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More Woodsy Modern by W. Earl Wear in Topanga Canyon

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Well, looky here -- just as there's a sale pending on the groovy W. Earl Wear-designed modern in Topanga Canyon that hit the market last month, here comes another house by that very same architect on that very same street. Per the listing, the residence consists of two buildings joined by one "huge expansive" roof: a main structure with master suite, kitchen, living room, dining area, and one and a half baths; and a second two-bedroom, three-quarter bath structure with kitchenette and living room. The listing also claims that Wear, who died in 2011, was trained "personally" and "directly" by Frank Lloyd Wright; however, we have not been able to unearth any evidence to support this--Wear's obituary says only that he "followed the principals of Frank Lloyd Wright's Organic Architecture," and we've got a pretty good hunch that when it says "principals," it really means "principles," but who knows? Moving on, the 2,096 square foot home also features heaps and heaps of redwood, two wood-burning fireplaces, concrete, hardwood, and tile floors, a hot tub, a detached guest studio, and "an inspired & colorful multi-purpose grotto-sculpture," which sounds awesome, even though we're not quite sure what those nebulous purposes might be. Asking price for the .92 acre property is $1.55 million.
· Rustic Modern By W. Earl Wear in Topanga Asking $899k [Curbed LA]
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