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Burton Way Median Shows Bev Hills/LA Divide, Boyle Heights Community Plan Back in Action

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BEVERLY GROVE: We're not even sure how this got to our inbox, but someone is very upset about the dead grass situation on the Burton Way median--apparently a water main has broken and the three blocks between Robertson and La Peer are looking pretty damn brown. According to the angry emailer, "the relevant City department that needs to fix the main is so backed up that it cares not if three blocks of grass is dying." But really we just like this photo, which shows the border between LA's property (brown) and Beverly Hills's (lush and green). Someone's gotta enjoy that symbolism. [Curbed Inbox]

BOYLE HEIGHTS: The planning department has been downright rolling on updating the city's 35 community plans, which are supposed to govern long-term planning goals (most are deeply outdated right now). Work started on a new Boyle Heights Community Plan back in 2007, but stalled out in 2010 because of budget cuts; last week the City Council voted to re-staff the plan and the planners say that so much work has been done already (about 40 percent) that it'll be their highest priority to finish it. In a press release, Councilmember Huizar makes a pretty good point: "With a new rail line, a burgeoning arts district and new schools, Boyle Heights is improving rapidly and is in great need of a comprehensive community plan so that we support all the great things happening in Boyle Heights in a thoughtful, strategic and thorough manner." [Curbed Inbox]