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16 Graphics to Brand the LA River And Its Weird Environment

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Images via The Noun Project

Last month, the Noun Project hosted an LA River Iconathon in the Arts District--their goal "was to create new ways to visually communicate vital information about the river." (The NP's mission is to collect, create, and share simple universal visual symbols, like the men and women on bathroom doors.) (And the river, in case you don't know, is making a comeback.) In a recap on their blog, the NP writes that "In the months leading up to the event we worked with several river organizations to create a list of river-focused concepts that needed to be visually defined. The list included everything from Dangerous Current to Urban River." (Other concepts included "historic place" and "graffiti zone.") Iconathon attendees then worked in small groups to come up with ways "to best visually communicate each concept." The full crowd discussed which sketches were best at conveying each concept, and now they'll be made into vector icons "that anyone can download and use from anywhere in the world." Here are a selection of graphics drawn up that day.
· Down by the River [The Noun Project]