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Vandals Burn Culver City Expo Signs, Hollywood Freeway Cap Park Can Take Huge Step Forward

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CULVER CITY: It was great to see big signs finally go up on Venice Boulevard late last week, alerting drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians that the Expo Line's western terminus is now open for business. But now the tarps are battered and beaten, and apparently also burnt and tagged, judging by pictures from Gokhan Esirgen on the Transit Coalition comment boards. Hopefully, Metro ordered more than one sign. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD: Closing today on a positive note: philanthropist Aileen Getty has donated $1.2 million to the effort to cap the 101 freeway in park-poor East Hollywood with a 44-acre green space. (Colloquially known as the Hollywood Freeway cap park, the project is officially called Hollywood Central Park.) The gift means that backers can take a big step forward and start work on the park's environmental impact report, a huge and expensive analysis required by state law. Previously, the Community Redevelopment Agency of LA had agreed to fund the $2 million EIR, but the CRA/LA was abolished earlier this year in a statewide kill-off. The city found $825,000 for the EIR, and Getty has now stepped up to provide the rest. Thank you, Aileen! [Curbed Inbox]

Hollywood Central Park

Bronson Ave. & Carlos Ave., Los Angeles, CA