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Laurel Canyonites Bring in the Kids in Wildlife vs. Mansions Beef

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The Canyon Defender is back! The same YouTuber who posted a video protesting the mansion-building on Laurel Canyon's Grand View Drive has returned to protest the mansion-building on Laurel Canyon's Stanley Hills Drive. Humans were upset about interminable work on Grand View, but it's the wildlife that's allegedly being disturbed by construction on Stanley HIlls (the two multi-mansion projects are from different developers, by the way). A Stanley Hills homeowners group led by Amadeus's Tom Hulce has sued the city and the developer, saying that the project doesn't have a big enough conservation easement for bobcats, et al. Now the Canyon Defender has also stepped in--their nine-minute video goes after not just the developer, but also city officials, and particularly zoning administrator Linn Wyatt (sure, maybe someone does need to ask "Why does Linn Wyatt care more about developers than wildlife corridors?" but should it really be a ten year old?).

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