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Renderings Revealed For X Train and Its Las Vegas Station

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Officials behind the X Train party mobile, which is proposed to run from Las Vegas to an unclear terminus in Southern California, have announced they've hired an architect to design the Sin City station and interiors for the train cars, via a press release and on their website (don't confuse this proposal with the XpressWest, formerly known as DesertXpress, which calls for high-speed trains from Vegas to Victorville, and maybe Palmdale). Vegas firm Carpenter Sellers Del Gatto got the X Train gig; they've worked on several southern Nevada projects, including the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy and a big campus for the University of Phoenix. The agency has experience in restaurant design, so they shouldn't disappoint with the trains, which are expected to provide a luxurious experience as you zip to the Strip (e.g., food, booze, ability to book shows and restaurant reservations). As Vegas is pretty short on rapid transit other than the city's maligned monorail--currently in bankruptcy--the firm hasn't had much opportunity to design train stations. It's unclear whether these are finalized or just preliminary renderings (but oy, those canopies).

· X Train Architect is on Board [X Train]