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Here's Pierre Koenig's Case Study House #21 Filled With Smoke

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

We love LA's modernist gems, but how many times can you be stunned by the same Julius Shulman photos, right? French artist Xavier Veilhan has been helping make a couple very famous houses feel new and mindblowing again--starting a few weeks ago, he populated the Neutra VDL Research House with ghostly silhouettes and incongruous sculptures and, in a private event last weekend, he filled up Case Study House #21 with smoke. CSH #21, aka the Bailey House, was designed by Pierre Koenig and built in 1958; it's known for its "moat" and its long glass sides, both of which Veilhan took advantage of. Here's how the Architect's Newspaper describes the show last Sunday: "a haunting performance installation at CSH 21 that transformed reflecting pools with black ink and made the transparent house opaque with dry ice-produced smoke." While we were there, we thought we'd show you around the house too (it's not usually open to the public)--as always, the fantastic Elizabeth Daniels is your tour guide.
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Case Study House #21

9038 Wonderland Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA