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Like Vincent Gallo, Website Wants to Rid the Arts District BID

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ARTS DISTRICT: A new website called Rid the BID has popped up, urging Industrial Street residents to sign a petition opposing the Arts District Business Improvement District. It's probably not coincidental that there were reports a few months ago that actor/Arts District property owner Vincent Gallo was suing the city over the ADBID, which (like other BIDs in commercial districts around the city) collects an assessment from local owners to pay for things like beautification and public safety. Rid the BID focuses specifically on the Biscuit and Toy Factory Lofts (Gallo owns/has owned in both): "Until January 2012, the BID did NOT include Industrial Street. Our buildings were included in the Arts District BID despite the fact that we emphatically denied their request to include us." The site lists many complaints with the organization, including that its (inadequate) services should be provided by the city and that it's "spent money 'branding' our streets with street signage making our neighborhood it look like a mall." It also says that "The ADBID will not give us representation on their Board," although there is a Toy Factory owner listed as a boardmember on the BID's website and RtB says itself that "two of the property owners [in the area who voted to join the BID] are board members." The website is registered anonymously. [Curbed Inbox]