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1940s Cottage by Harwell Hamilton Harris in Echo Park Hills

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Here's a listing for Harwell Hamilton Harris-heads who love dogs, but aren't total sticklers about spelling (significantly cleaned up for this post). According to the Craigslist ad, a canine-friendly cottage designed by the brilliant architect in 1942 is currently up for grabs--the property's features include stainless steel appliances, sliding glass doors, a large deck, two fountains, "exquisite gardens," panoramic hillside views, an indoor and an outdoor fireplace, an outdoor computer desk, a "huge and beautiful" dog pen, a washer and dryer, and underground storage. Okay, that all sounds delightful, so what's the catch? Well, the one-bedroom bungalow, located within hollering distance of Harris's own former residence on Fellowship Park Way, is quite petite--540 square feet--but decidedly not cheap: monthly rent is an oddly specific $2,491.
· $2491 / 1br - 540ft² [Craigslist]